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Weber is a web browser, .NET 4.0 WinForms application written in C#.

Weber is an attempt at private browsing. This is different from the private browsing feature available in the popular browsers today. For e.g., lets say you visit www.<site>.com, this site not only serves its content, but also serves many files hosted on other web sites as well. Most importantly, web sites today serve javascript (*.js) files and many images (called 1 pixel gif) hosted by advertisers and traffic monitoring web sites, that track your movement across the web. What Weber does is that it does not make those requests, hence disabling the site's ability to track your movement. It makes the request only to the original web site that you wanted to go. i.e., all access to <site>.com and its sub-domains, *.<site>.com are allowed, but any access to <different-site>.com is blocked.

The result is a severely limited browser, which most likely cannot be used to accomplish anything useful. This is an experimental project to see how the web pages would look like if we prevented web tracking.

Thanks to the Fiddler project, because FiddlerCore assembly is used to create the proxy server, that examines each request and then allows or denies it based on whether it is the request made by the user.

If you want to contribute and improve this project, please drop me a line.

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